Recap of July 26th Westside 9-12 Meeting

Hi Everyone,

     At the July 26th meeting we discussed traits that an ideal political candidate should have. There were great ideas and much lively conversation on this topic. Diane will have a summary at the next meeting.  Everyone should be looking for candidates to run in the 2014 elections. Let’s send more RHINOs home.
      Also, Robert discussed a video he came across on Agenda 21. This video is almost two hours long but worth your time if you are not familiar with this U.N. initiative. Please share this with as many people as possible.
       Lastly we went over a new initiative that we would like to start. We would like to form several committees and have members volunteer to monitor and report to the group as a whole. We can use our blog as the clearing house for this info. Committee members can send me an e-mail with any current information and I can update the blog. The blog has not been active for most of this year but hopefully we can start up the committees and revive the blog. The Committee List is in the attached Word Document that Diane has created.  We need good people on these committees to report back to the group on recent developments.
       At our next meeting  on August 23rd Diane will be discussing Timothy Ballard’s book “The Covenant” and Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Harbinger.”  We know everyone is busy so Diane read the books and will be giving a summary on them.  The ideas contained in these books are truly enlightening.
We will also discuss my battle with Duke in refusing the installation of the Smart Meter, I was able to stop the first attempt by attaching an index card to the meter stating that I do not grant permission to installing the Smart Meter and posting a “No Trespassing” sign near the meter. I believe the sign is key to stopping the installation. If they proceed they are criminally trespassing and they know it. They will threaten to cut off your power if you do not comply but I believe they will not go that far. This is just a guess on my part but we can discuss this at the next meeting. I urge everyone to resist the installation. The more people who do it the more they will have to address the issue. If you would like any info on this please contact me and I will provide any assistance that I can. The location of the meeting is not yet confirmed.
        We will also be meeting on September 27th to plan our response to Agenda 21.  Cincinnati is on ICLEI’s (local arm of Agenda 21) list of participating cities.  Go to: look under the United States and there we are, unbelievable!!!!!  The location for this meeting is not confirmed yet.

One last thing: we would like to begin doing charitable work through one of our committees. If you know of someone in your neighborhood or a relative who is either elderly or financially in need that needs assistance (fixing their home, building access ramp, etc.) please contact me and we will see if we are able to help. Thank you.


Recap of February 23rd Westside 9-12 meeting

    Our last meeting was somewhat unusual. We took a look at some strange themes that have been popping up in popular culture. Several years ago I stumbled across the vigilant citizen website. I have been reading it ever since. At first glance it seems like some paranoid conspiracy website but on close examination you will find that it is merely documenting images and ideas presented in our mainstream culture. I have to warn you that some of the images on the site are disturbing but they are the exact same images you will find in fashion and entertainment magazines at the local newsstand or viewed on television or in the local cinema. Most of the images would go unnoticed by the general public but the people creating them place a high value on the images being presented. I will leave it up to you to decide the motives behind this imagery. It could be just a race to the bottom in order to sell more CDs or the latest fashion designs. Let’s face it, it takes a lot more to shock someone then it did even ten years ago. Then again it could be something else. Recurring themes of occult and ancient Egyptian symbolism as well as police state imagery are appearing in numerous places. Masonic imagery is also prevalent. I am not implying that “the Masons are evil and are taking over the world” or that any Masonic organization is even involved but the imagery is Masonic. I have absolutely no idea why this imagery is being used or by whom. I only know that this is out there and whomever is doing this is going through a lot of trouble to create it. I don’t think that anyone would argue that a lot of the music & films created today are seriously depraved but is there more to it than what we see at face value? Take a look at the site and come to your own conclusions.

    Here are several of the more intriguing pages on the site:

    In the Sinister Sites section there are several buildings with murals that are very bizarre. It is hard to believe that these images are presented as public art. There is the lobby of the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. a well as the Denver International Airport. There is also the Georgia Guidestones also known as the American Stonehenge. After reading about these places you will wonder if this is a hoax but these are all places you can travel to and see for yourself.

    Here is an article found on the site that sums up the dark side to popular culture. Pay particular attention the video of the Britney Spears interview embedded in the article. It is very chilling and may give credence to some of the more outlandish claims on the site. There is also this fascinating article on the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

    So why am I bothering with this? What does it have to do with the upcoming election or the national debt? Why am I risking any credibility I may have with you by pointing out these bizarre things? It is my belief that we cannot fix this country or the world in general until we fix ourselves first.  We basically get the government we deserve and presently as a nation we are debased beyond imagination. We need to be aware of what is going on so we can work to change our culture and our selves. This is the only way we will even begin to fix our government. Even if you dismiss any claims of hidden occult messages in our popular culture you would have to admit that just on face value it is sick and at the very least should not be marketed to pre-teen children. The sad fact is that our children are being bombarded with messages that are evil and collectively we are not doing anything to stop it. Even though 90% of rational adults would say that this is not healthy, it continues. I believe we need to decide where we stand in this world.

Diane spoke about several different preparedness items. She recommended the new Doomsday Preppers show on the National Geographic channel. She also talked about a novel she recently read that helped her visualize what a post EMP world might be like. The book is called One Second After. She said it helped her understand what would be needed if a disaster of that magnitude would happen. Another good novel that deals with the collapse of society is Patriots.

She also mentioned an idea of creating packets of info that could be used to quickly bring an interested person up to speed. It would include a shortened version (30 minutes) of the documentary The Child as well as a full length version of the movie Agenda and the Agenda 21 handout that we have shared with the group in the past. Diane is estimating that all of this would only cost roughly $15. This would be a good way to help people understand what is happening. You could host viewing parties in order to show this to as many people as possible. We will provide more info in the near future.

We have three upcoming meetings:
Thursday March 15th @ Perkins Restaurant on Westbourne Rd. – This is our regular monthly meeting. Dinner at 6 PM. The meeting starts at 7 PM.
Thursday March 29th @ the Green Township Library – a Preparation presentation presented by John Vota of the Safe & Ready Life store in Milford.  The meeting starts at 7 PM.

Saturday April 28th @ the Green Township Library – a viewing of the documentary Agenda from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and a discussion of the film afterward.


Recap of November 30th Westside 9-12 meeting

At our last meeting we discussed the ongoing effort to find a permanent meeting site and date. A number if venues were discussed and the search continues. In the meantime we will continue to meet at the Green Township library. The food drive for Saturday 12/10 has been canceled. Western Bowl has rented out the parking lot space to sell Christmas Trees.

    We also discussed the recent series of meetings concerning the EPA ruling on the sewer overflow problem. Mike Ruehl attended the second of at least three meetings that are being held to discuss how to deal with the EPA mandate that the city correct the overflow problem in Fairmount in the area around Queen City Avenue. The proposed solution would drastically alter the area, cost untold millions of dollars and will most likely uproot a large amount of people. The project makes mayor Mallory “all tingly”. If that is not concerning enough there is evidence this solution is tied into the United Nation’s Sustainable Development project which is another name for Agenda 21. We have reviewed Agenda 21 previously. I have attached a PDF file that is an excellent overview. Once we start collaborating with the U.N. it is the beginning of the end of our sovereignty as people, as a state and as a nation. Mike reported that there was very little objection to the proposal. When he asked where most of the funding concerning the development not directly related to the sewer issue would come from, he was told that was not the concern of the sewer department. Another meeting will be held in February. We will announce the date and time. These meetings are being conducted to gage public approval of the project. We need people to get informed about this issue and let the city and county know how you feel about it. Jim Fitch has been aware of this from the beginning and has compiled a very good summary that can be found on our blog here.
    The discussion of Agenda 21 led to a discussion on Fabian Socialism. There are a lot of posts on our blog that relate to this issue. Just look at links on the left side of the page and choose the one entitled Fabian Socialism and it will bring up all related posts.
Upcoming meetings:
Tuesday 12/6: The 5,000 Year Leap returns! Principle 16: Separation of Powers (a very timely subject considering what has been going on in DC)
Wednesday 12/21: 9-12 meeting.
All meetings are at the Green Township library and begin at 7 PM.

Recap of September 19th Westside 9-12 meeting

Here is a recap of our last meeting but first I would like to make you aware that we are trying something different for our next meeting. It is getting harder to schedule meetings at the Green Township library so we are looking for another venue. We are going to try the Perkins restaurant on Westbourne for our meeting on Wednesday October 12th We will meet for dinner at six and the meeting will begin at seven. There is a separate meeting room that we will be located in. Just ask the hostess when you arrive. I am excited about this. It will be a good opportunity to sit down and get to know each other a little better. I realize that it may not be convenient for some to meet for dinner but I encourage you to do so if you can. If you can’t, just show up for the meeting at seven.

    At the last meeting we went over The Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities  We need a reliance on Divine Providence to guide us in our daily life.  We need to know the importance of being a moral and virtuous people and demand that are leaders do the same, whichever party they belong to.  They need to step-up or we need to seek out other candidates that believe in our values and principles.
We also discussed ideas to help our community like pre-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas food drives (advertised in the newspapers and on radio), volunteering at soup kitchens and other charities like Matthew 25  We are considering contacting pastors, preachers, rabbis and priests, to invite their congregations to participate in a 1/2 day seminar that combines the “Principles of Liberty” with a healthy spiritual life and community.  We also discussed finding a new venue that will allow us to advertise (Western Hills Press) a specific day of the month for our meetings, making it easier for our group to grow.
We discussed finding clergy and motivational speakers for an event to inspire us all to get busy in our daily lives and as a group.  Speak words of encouragement, smile at someone who you knows needs a smile today, play a game with your kids, compliment each other, hold a door for someone.  These are hard times for some of us but none of these things cost a dime.
If you are planning to do a “Christmas Jar” this year now the time to get started.  Place your change in the jar, watch it fill up, find a needy person or family and deliver it anonymously, it really does bring the spirit of Christmas to your heart.

Recap of August 30th Westside 9-12 meeting

    We had a very good discussion about socialism at our last meeting. I believe that a large percentage of people who call themselves liberal or Democrat really do not support the positions that the modern day Democrat party stands for. A good way to determine if someone truly believes in Leftist ideology is to view this video from Dennis Prager that can be found on our blog:  I think the video does a good job describing why so many people believe they are liberal when they most likely are not. You can also refer anyone to Mr. Prager’s website where they can take the test “Are You a Liberal?”
    We also talked about the attached document. Since I believe that a significant percentage of people who identify themselves as Democrats are actually conservative, I thought I would put together a  document that would help explain what socialism is. If you come across an open-minded person who may not understand the Leftist ideology that they vote for, this document along with the video and test may open their eyes. This is not meant to dissuade true Leftists from their cause. It should be used to make sure a person truly understands the difference between left and right. Once they understand they can then decide for themselves which side best fits their own code of ethics. The information in the documents was gathered from multiple sources but mainly from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show. He is a very thoughtful man and I encourage you to visit the website listed above and view the many videos he has available. I have also put the information on the blog for easy reference.
Upcoming meetings:

Wednesday September 14th – 5,000 Year Leap
Monday September 19th – 9-12 meeting
Wednesday November 30th – 9-12 meeting

All meetings are at the Green Township library and they begin at 7 PM.

Recap of May 24th Westside 9-12 Meeting

At our last meeting we viewed two sections of a speech given by G. Edward Griffin. He is the author of the must read book The Creature From Jekyll Island. The speech is about the information contained in the book so if you do not have the time to read the book this hour-long speech is a good “Cliff Notes” version. It is available on youtube and it is divided into twelve sections. The first section begins here:  If you do not have an hour to view the speech I would still recommend viewing the two sections we viewed at the meeting. It will take about sixteen minutes but the information is critical. It explains how our federal government can go to the Federal Reserve and “borrow” money. This enables them to spend more than is taken in via taxes. This money is created out of nothing. It is a hidden tax because an increase in the money supply causes inflation which dilutes the buying power of the money already in circulation. This all seems fairly simple but it has devastated our nation and is unsustainable. There will come a time when this will all come crashing down. I believe this will be sooner rather than later.

I encourage you to read the book if at all possible. It is an investment in time and money (600 pages/$25) but it is one of the most important books published in the last 50 years. At the very least please view these two videos and pass this information on. The more people who understand how our money is generated out of literally nothing the more people we will have to demand a change. In a way, this ties into the information at our last meeting concerning the 14th amendment, This is another example of the deception that has been used to enslave the citizens of this country. The truth can be ugly but we cannot solve the crisis that we face until we begin to understand and deal with the truth.

You can view the two sections here:

You can buy the book here:
or at Amazon:

Recap of April 20th Westside 9-12 meeting

We did something a little different at our last meeting. We watched a DVD of author Thomas Woods speaking on state nullification.  Mr. Woods was in town a few months ago and his speech was very inspiring. I don’t believe the exact speech we viewed is available on the internet but here is a similar speech on the subject:  I encourage you to view the video and pass this info on to as many people as possible. We believe this is the only effective way of stopping the out of control and unconstitutional actions of the federal government. We will be speaking a lot on this subject in the future.