Recap of November 30th Westside 9-12 meeting

At our last meeting we discussed the ongoing effort to find a permanent meeting site and date. A number if venues were discussed and the search continues. In the meantime we will continue to meet at the Green Township library. The food drive for Saturday 12/10 has been canceled. Western Bowl has rented out the parking lot space to sell Christmas Trees.

    We also discussed the recent series of meetings concerning the EPA ruling on the sewer overflow problem. Mike Ruehl attended the second of at least three meetings that are being held to discuss how to deal with the EPA mandate that the city correct the overflow problem in Fairmount in the area around Queen City Avenue. The proposed solution would drastically alter the area, cost untold millions of dollars and will most likely uproot a large amount of people. The project makes mayor Mallory “all tingly”. If that is not concerning enough there is evidence this solution is tied into the United Nation’s Sustainable Development project which is another name for Agenda 21. We have reviewed Agenda 21 previously. I have attached a PDF file that is an excellent overview. Once we start collaborating with the U.N. it is the beginning of the end of our sovereignty as people, as a state and as a nation. Mike reported that there was very little objection to the proposal. When he asked where most of the funding concerning the development not directly related to the sewer issue would come from, he was told that was not the concern of the sewer department. Another meeting will be held in February. We will announce the date and time. These meetings are being conducted to gage public approval of the project. We need people to get informed about this issue and let the city and county know how you feel about it. Jim Fitch has been aware of this from the beginning and has compiled a very good summary that can be found on our blog here.
    The discussion of Agenda 21 led to a discussion on Fabian Socialism. There are a lot of posts on our blog that relate to this issue. Just look at links on the left side of the page and choose the one entitled Fabian Socialism and it will bring up all related posts.
Upcoming meetings:
Tuesday 12/6: The 5,000 Year Leap returns! Principle 16: Separation of Powers (a very timely subject considering what has been going on in DC)
Wednesday 12/21: 9-12 meeting.
All meetings are at the Green Township library and begin at 7 PM.

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