Candidate Survey: Hamilton County Educational Service Center Governing Board

Matt is a member of our group and he has put together a series of questions that he has submitted to various candidates. Here are the replies he received from two candidates for Hamilton County Educational Service Center Governing Board. The two candidates are Bill Ferguson and Nita Thomas

Here are the answers to the survey:

The Cincinnati 9/12 Project does not endorse any of these candidates; we are only reporting the answers they gave to the questions, which follow:

1. Do you agree with the Nine Principles and Twelve Values* of the 9/12 Project?

Bill Ferguson, Jr. – Honesty, sincerity, charity, reverence of God. We should all adhere to such
9/12 principles and values. They are the bedrock of American life and critical to our future.
Nita Thomas – Yes

2. Do you believe that the constitutions of both the United States and the state of
Ohio should be taught in every Ohio school?

Bill Ferguson, Jr. – Yes, it is critical that all children be taught the principles of the foundation of
our government.
Nita Thomas – Yes

3. Do you support the use of vouchers, tax credits, tax exemptions or tax reductions for
parents who choose to not send their children to Ohio public schools?

Bill Ferguson, Jr. – Our public-private system of schools is important. Efforts to provide diverse
opportunities to all children should be welcomed.
Nita Thomas – Yes

4. Do you believe that Ohio public schools should only be regulated on the county or local
level of government?

Bill Ferguson, Jr. – Keeping decision-making as close to the taxpayer as possible benefits all.
Education should be administered by local residents, not the federal government.
Nita Thomas – Yes

5. Many parents object to their children being exposed to comprehensive sex education,
science classes in which it is taught that there are no reasonable alternatives to the
general theory of evolution, and other parts of the curriculum. Do you support allowing
parents to opt their children out of portions of the public schools’ curriculum which they
find objectionable on religious or moral grounds?

Bill Ferguson, Jr. – Only in limited cases—parents should provide their children with an
appropriate counter-view to what is being taught in school if they disagree with what is being
taught. Parents also should be involved enough in schools that they already are working with
teachers and administrators to have some say in the curriculum.
Nita Thomas – Yes

*The Nine Principles and Twelve Values can be found at:



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