Recap of September 19th Westside 9-12 meeting

Here is a recap of our last meeting but first I would like to make you aware that we are trying something different for our next meeting. It is getting harder to schedule meetings at the Green Township library so we are looking for another venue. We are going to try the Perkins restaurant on Westbourne for our meeting on Wednesday October 12th We will meet for dinner at six and the meeting will begin at seven. There is a separate meeting room that we will be located in. Just ask the hostess when you arrive. I am excited about this. It will be a good opportunity to sit down and get to know each other a little better. I realize that it may not be convenient for some to meet for dinner but I encourage you to do so if you can. If you can’t, just show up for the meeting at seven.

    At the last meeting we went over The Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities  We need a reliance on Divine Providence to guide us in our daily life.  We need to know the importance of being a moral and virtuous people and demand that are leaders do the same, whichever party they belong to.  They need to step-up or we need to seek out other candidates that believe in our values and principles.
We also discussed ideas to help our community like pre-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas food drives (advertised in the newspapers and on radio), volunteering at soup kitchens and other charities like Matthew 25  We are considering contacting pastors, preachers, rabbis and priests, to invite their congregations to participate in a 1/2 day seminar that combines the “Principles of Liberty” with a healthy spiritual life and community.  We also discussed finding a new venue that will allow us to advertise (Western Hills Press) a specific day of the month for our meetings, making it easier for our group to grow.
We discussed finding clergy and motivational speakers for an event to inspire us all to get busy in our daily lives and as a group.  Speak words of encouragement, smile at someone who you knows needs a smile today, play a game with your kids, compliment each other, hold a door for someone.  These are hard times for some of us but none of these things cost a dime.
If you are planning to do a “Christmas Jar” this year now the time to get started.  Place your change in the jar, watch it fill up, find a needy person or family and deliver it anonymously, it really does bring the spirit of Christmas to your heart.

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