Recap of August 30th Westside 9-12 meeting

    We had a very good discussion about socialism at our last meeting. I believe that a large percentage of people who call themselves liberal or Democrat really do not support the positions that the modern day Democrat party stands for. A good way to determine if someone truly believes in Leftist ideology is to view this video from Dennis Prager that can be found on our blog:  I think the video does a good job describing why so many people believe they are liberal when they most likely are not. You can also refer anyone to Mr. Prager’s website where they can take the test “Are You a Liberal?”
    We also talked about the attached document. Since I believe that a significant percentage of people who identify themselves as Democrats are actually conservative, I thought I would put together a  document that would help explain what socialism is. If you come across an open-minded person who may not understand the Leftist ideology that they vote for, this document along with the video and test may open their eyes. This is not meant to dissuade true Leftists from their cause. It should be used to make sure a person truly understands the difference between left and right. Once they understand they can then decide for themselves which side best fits their own code of ethics. The information in the documents was gathered from multiple sources but mainly from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show. He is a very thoughtful man and I encourage you to visit the website listed above and view the many videos he has available. I have also put the information on the blog for easy reference.
Upcoming meetings:

Wednesday September 14th – 5,000 Year Leap
Monday September 19th – 9-12 meeting
Wednesday November 30th – 9-12 meeting

All meetings are at the Green Township library and they begin at 7 PM.


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