Recap of May 24th Westside 9-12 Meeting

At our last meeting we viewed two sections of a speech given by G. Edward Griffin. He is the author of the must read book The Creature From Jekyll Island. The speech is about the information contained in the book so if you do not have the time to read the book this hour-long speech is a good “Cliff Notes” version. It is available on youtube and it is divided into twelve sections. The first section begins here:  If you do not have an hour to view the speech I would still recommend viewing the two sections we viewed at the meeting. It will take about sixteen minutes but the information is critical. It explains how our federal government can go to the Federal Reserve and “borrow” money. This enables them to spend more than is taken in via taxes. This money is created out of nothing. It is a hidden tax because an increase in the money supply causes inflation which dilutes the buying power of the money already in circulation. This all seems fairly simple but it has devastated our nation and is unsustainable. There will come a time when this will all come crashing down. I believe this will be sooner rather than later.

I encourage you to read the book if at all possible. It is an investment in time and money (600 pages/$25) but it is one of the most important books published in the last 50 years. At the very least please view these two videos and pass this information on. The more people who understand how our money is generated out of literally nothing the more people we will have to demand a change. In a way, this ties into the information at our last meeting concerning the 14th amendment, This is another example of the deception that has been used to enslave the citizens of this country. The truth can be ugly but we cannot solve the crisis that we face until we begin to understand and deal with the truth.

You can view the two sections here:

You can buy the book here:
or at Amazon:


Recap of April 20th Westside 9-12 meeting

We did something a little different at our last meeting. We watched a DVD of author Thomas Woods speaking on state nullification.  Mr. Woods was in town a few months ago and his speech was very inspiring. I don’t believe the exact speech we viewed is available on the internet but here is a similar speech on the subject:  I encourage you to view the video and pass this info on to as many people as possible. We believe this is the only effective way of stopping the out of control and unconstitutional actions of the federal government. We will be speaking a lot on this subject in the future.