Recap of March 16th Westside 9-12 meeting

We spent a large part of our last meeting continuing our discussion on emergency preparedness. The recent tragedy in Japan has shown that life can change in a minute. Parts of the country were transformed from a modern, well-organized community to a disaster zone in literally minutes. It only makes sense to be prepared. Until the last few generations, self-reliance and preparedness were a way of life for most Americans. It is time we returned to that way of thinking.

Mike Ruehl has extensive experience in gardening and he relayed numerous tips on the subject. Unfortunately there are too many to list in this e-mail. The point is that if you have the land and the time it would be wise to start a garden to supplement the food you buy at the grocery store. If you want to take it a step farther you can also can the food you grow. If you are not interested or able to have a garden it is important to support local farmers markets. It may cost a little more but you are building another avenue to feed your family. We must make it profitable for small local farms to stay in business. If all we have are the major grocery chains we will become too dependent on one source for something as critical as food. Also, wouldn’t you rather eat something grown locally rather than something shipped from half way across the globe? We need to begin rebuilding parts of our community that have been slowly removed over the last half century. If this feels overwhelming and you do not know where to start I recommend this common sense article that was just recently sent to me: It will hopefully explain that you do not need to do everything at once.

In addition to Mike’s gardening tips Wade spoke about generators and storing gasoline. If you are going to store a couple extra five gallon containers of gas it is recommended that you keep it in free-standing garage or shed rather than an attached garage or basement.  Here are several articles concerning fuel storage:

You will also need to stabilize any fuel that you would be storing. Here is a link for a product that Wade has used and recommends: It may seem pricey ($29.00 for a quart) but one quart treats 512 gallons of gas. Why store gas? Some people will go the extra step and buy a generator for their home but even if you do not, keep in mind that if there is no electricity then the pumps at the gas station will not work. Wade also mentioned converter kits to convert generators to run on propane or kerosene. Here is a link to that site:

We will continue to concentrate on this critical subject in future meetings as well as staying focused on constitutional principles and good governance. Speaking of which, we had a lively discussion about the recent events that have taken place concerning the Green Township trustee meetings. The trustees have introduced a resolution that effectively silences anyone who wants to comment on trustee business. Adding insult to injury, the new rules seem to be randomly enforced depending on who wants to speak. A result of this resolution was the forced removal of several citizens for speaking out against it. This led to a federal lawsuit filed by Gary Dressler & Jeff Smith. Since that suit was filed the trustees have introduced a new meeting that will be held before the first trustee meeting of the month. This new meeting will be for citizens to engage the trustees in questions and concerns related to township business. The problem is that this meeting will be held off the record and off camera. Unless you are among the few people who can be at the meeting at 5 PM on a Monday evening you will not be able to hear what has been said. So much for open governance. Although everyone seemed to agree that the tactics of the trustees were not in the spirit of proper conduct of elected officials there was disagreement concerning the tactics used by Mr. Smith & Mr. Dressler. It was stated that the lawsuit and the questioning of trustees on camera at the meetings might be counterproductive to getting the Green Township Republican party to listen to fiscally conservative citizens. In the end we had to agree to disagree.  We were all able to agree that multiple actions are needed to get their attention and that working within the party was a very worthy cause.

Last but not least I want to remind everybody that the Cincinnati 9-12 group is hosting Dr. Earl Taylor’s Making of America Seminar at Westwood First Presbyterian Church on Harrison Avenue on April 9th. I have attached a flier with the details. If you have never been to this seminar I can tell you it will be an inspiring experience. Dr. Taylor will be speaking on the principles and ideas that the founding fathers used to form this unique country that we are so lucky to live in. I have been to this seminar twice and I will be there again on the 9th. We all must learn why America is so unique and then pass this information to our friends, neighbors and especially our children. I believe this is a major piece in restoring America.

Here is a list of our upcoming meetings:

3/30 – 5,000 Year Leap
4/6 – 9-12 meeting
4/13 – 5,000 Year Leap
4/20 – 9-12 meeting
5/10 – 5,000 Year Leap
5/24 – 9012 meeting
5/31 5,000 Year Leap

All meetings are at the Green Township library and they begin at 7 PM.


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