Be Prepared – What If..?

Here is a video recommended by one of our members. Here are some observations he provided:

This is probably one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. It gives you a SHTF type of apocalyptic scenario and what to expect and gives clues on how to prepare – and this is not so-called “crazy YTubers” but experts in their respective fields…(might be good to share w/ family and friends that are skeptics – prayerfully consider)

Topics included:
1. Global Pandemic
2. beginning stages of societal collapse
3. Bugging In
4. critical SHTF (Zombie/Gangsters)
5. Bugging Out
6. Psychological/ emotional changes
7. Items to take
8. Bug out vehicle/Transportation
9. etc., etc., (make sure to watch the whole series)

It does not include hyperinflation or dollar devaluation which is the slow deterioration of society in which we now witness, if our eyes are open.

Good series anyway.

1. Pray and ask God’s wisdom
2. Prepare
3. Warn those who have ears to hear
4. form a team
5. network
6. alternative forms of communication, if the internet goes down
7. Focus on basic essentials (physical)
8. then comfort items (psychological)
9. then barter items
10. Don’t forget to pray and stay in God’s presence everyday!
found out about this series either through shtf plan or ready nutrition websites

I believe that it is prudent to prepare, but still rely on God’s divine providence to supply all our needs.

Good examples from children’s stories are: The grasshopper and the ant, or The Three Little Pigs, etc.


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