Recap January 5th Westside 9-12 Meeting


We started the first meeting of the year reviewing everything that happened in 2010.  The Westside 9-12 group officially started in March. Here are a few of the things we did last year:

1. We had a booth at Westfest where we promoted the group and the constitution.

2. Numerous petition signings where we collected signatures for the health care amendment, the estate tax repeal and the Ohio Sovereignty amendment.

3. We started the 5,000 Year Leap classes. Twice a month Diane has been leading us through one of the 28 principles that made this country great.

4. We began attending the Green Township trustee meetings and reporting back to the group. We also did our best to support two gentlemen who were taking a very hard look at what goes on in the township. Some of the issues they discovered were a very obvious political hiring, wasteful spending at Nathanial Greene Lodge, dubious spending related to the township parks and much more. Although both men are conservative leaning and interested in fiscal responsibility and all three trustees are Republicans who you would assume would share their concerns, their questioning was answered with arrogance and hostility. So much so that Trustee Winkler announced at the last meeting that citizens are not allowed to comment or ask questions during the meetings.

5. We ran a food drive to benefit the Sugartree Ministry in Wilmington, OH.

We also had a guest speaker. Don Estes of the Eastside 9-12 group is also the Southern Ohio representative for PCCOH (The People’s Constitution Coalition of Ohio). He spoke about the petition that the PCCOH is sponsoring. In a nutshell it is a petition to get an amendment to the Ohio constitution that would strengthen Ohio’s sovereignty and force our state representatives to obey the state constitution. A good overview of the amendment can be found here:
Out of all of the proposed fixes to our nation’s problems we feel this may be the one that can truly bring our government back to the intent of our founding fathers. We strongly encourage you to get familiar with this effort to see if you agree. We will be supporting this and plan on collecting signatures in the future. You can download the petition from the site and begin collecting signatures.

Last meeting I discussed Agenda 21. I ran across an article that shows a “planned-opolis” of the future. Basically it is a four minute propaganda video.  Agenda 21 is not mentioned in the video but this is clearly part of the agenda and although they put a happy face on it it is actually very disturbing. You can view the video and find out more info at our blog:

Here is a list of upcoming meetings:

Wednesday 1/12 – 5,000 Year Leap
Wednesday  1/19 – 9-12 Meeting
Thursday 1/27 – 5,000 Year Leap

Saturday 1/29 – Making of America Seminar @  Loveland Presbyterian Church, 360
Robin Ave, Loveland, OH 45140 8 AM
(513) 683-2525    The cost is $25

Wednesday 2/2 – 9-12 Meeting
Thursday 2/10 – 5,000 Year Leap
Wednesday  2/16 – 9-12 Meeting
Wednesday 3/9 – 5,000 Year Leap
Wednesday  3/16 – 9-12 Meeting
Wednesday 3/30 – 5,000 Year Leap


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