How to destroy a nation

Please do not interpret this post as some kind of xenophobic knee jerk reaction. The beauty of America is that America is not defined by race. If you are Nigerian, Egyptian, Indian or German there is a specific racial identity but there is no racial identity in America. America is defined by a value system. The best way to destroy that value system is to flood the country with people who do not identify with it.  The concept of a melting pot has been replaced with multiculturalism or a tapestry of unique but distinctive parts. People are encouraged not to assimilate in to the value system that has served so many people so well. Make no mistake that this is intentional. Flood the country with as many people who do not identify with America as possible. Bring it down. Transform it. Overwhelm it. Crash it and then rebuild a Utopian society based on socialist ideals. Wake up to what is happening.

It is not only happening in America. Europe is targeted as well:



One Response

  1. I don’t think that limiting immigration is the answer to the problem. Most of the people who have ruined this country have lived here for generations. We need to educate both the native born and immigrants about the founding documents rather than blaming one group or another. Immigrants sometimes appreciate their freedom more because they know what it is like not to be free.

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