How to destroy a nation

Please do not interpret this post as some kind of xenophobic knee jerk reaction. The beauty of America is that America is not defined by race. If you are Nigerian, Egyptian, Indian or German there is a specific racial identity but there is no racial identity in America. America is defined by a value system. The best way to destroy that value system is to flood the country with people who do not identify with it.  The concept of a melting pot has been replaced with multiculturalism or a tapestry of unique but distinctive parts. People are encouraged not to assimilate in to the value system that has served so many people so well. Make no mistake that this is intentional. Flood the country with as many people who do not identify with America as possible. Bring it down. Transform it. Overwhelm it. Crash it and then rebuild a Utopian society based on socialist ideals. Wake up to what is happening.

It is not only happening in America. Europe is targeted as well:



Recap of November 4th Westside 9-12 Meeting


At our last meeting we discussed the election and what the next steps would be. We would like to start tracking our elected officials and the legislation that they will be voting on. We felt that we could be more effective at a state and possibly local level rather than a federal level. Although what the federal government is doing is critical so is the state and we feel we could make more of an impact at that level. The Southwest Tea Party and the Harrison Tea Party are starting similar efforts and we will be contacting them to see how we can join efforts. We hope to have most of the details settled by our next meeting on December 8th.

Matt then spoke about a class action suit that has been filed against the health care legislation. More information can be found here:

At our last meeting Gary & Jeff discussed introducing a resolution at the Green Township trustee meetings that proposes that any resolution passed by the trustees must be discussed at two meetings before it is voted on. Gary drew up the resolution and presented it to the group at this meeting. We will be organizing an event to collect signatures to present along with the petition. We will provide more details once they are available.

Mike Ruehl talked about some very troubling legislation that has passed the House and is currently in the Senate. HR3534 (CLEAR Act) is a bill that would give control of our waterways to the United Nations. It is a direct attack on our sovereignty and yes, Steve Driehaus voted for it. Details can be found here: Please familiarize yourself with this bill and then call Senator’s Sherrod Brown & George Voinovich and urge them to vote against it. Here are the details concerning who voted for it and where it is as of this moment.

This bill fits in with the entire U.N. Agenda 21 attack on America and our private property rights. We will be discussing Agenda 21 in future meetings but I have attached a PDF File with a very good summary of what it is all about. Please take the time to read this. It is relatively short. This is going on right now and will affect our lives so we should at least understand what it is they are trying to do. Here is a link to the official Agenda 21 site:

Mike also spoke about a proposal that was made in congress to nationalize all 401k & IRAs. Here is the link: No legislation is mentioned so I do not think there is a bill but just knowing that they are thinking about this should scare you to death. The C-SPAN link in the article is not working which seems odd.

I have listed all of the 5,000 Year Leap classes and our next meeting below. Don’t forget to check out our blog as well. I have recently added some interesting videos that I hope you will enjoy. Also, we will be collecting canned goods at all of our meetings¬† for the rest of the year to donate to a local food pantry that one of our members is involved in so please bring a donation to any if the upcoming meetings. Thank you.

Monday 11-29 – 5,000 Yr Leap: Principle 4: The Role of Religion
Wednesday 12-8 – Westside 9-12 Project meeting
Wednesday 12-15 – 5,000 Yr Leap: Principle 5: The Role of the Creator
Wednesday 12-29 – 5,000 Yr Leap: Principle 6: All Men Are Created Equal

Milton Freidman – the antidote to Keynes

I forgot how much of a twit Phil Donahue was.

Is Obama A Keynesian?

This is a little surprising. I don’t expect everyone to know about John Maynard Keynes* or that he is the darling economist of the progressives but I thought most people would at least know that someone who hails from Kenya is a Kenyan.

*Fun Fact about Keynes the Fabian Socialist:

Support for eugenics

Keynes was a proponent of eugenics, having served as Director of the British Eugenics Society from 1937 to 1944. As late as 1946, before his death, Keynes declared eugenics to be “the most important, significant and, I would add, genuine branch of sociology which exists.”

Isn’t it funny how almost every early progressive/socialist was a fan of Eugenics?

The Greatest Threat To America