Results of Matt’s Candidate Survey – County Commissioner

Here are Chris Monzel’s answers to Matt’s questions for County Commissioner:

Chris Monzel Jim Tarbell
1. Nine Principles and Twelve Values Y
2. Fundamental Rights are unalienable Y
3. Sheriff should be supreme governmental authority Y
4. Authority of Federal agents limited, warrant required Y Has not
5. Schools should be under local control. Y yet
6.  Strict enforcement of federal immigration laws Y answered
7.  Free enterprise is the best system Y the
8.  Rank the following (1= most important, 4 = least) survey
economic benefit 4
inalienable rights endowed by the Creator 1
U.S. Constitution 2
other federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances 3

Hamilton County Commissioner Survey – Additional Comments

3. Do you believe that the Sheriff should be the supreme governmental authority for enforcing the Ohio Constitution within his respective county?

Chris Monzel – The Sheriff is the county’s chief law enforcement with duties to maintain the peace, operate the jail, attend the courts (security), investigate crimes, and execute processes (deliver or serve a variety of legal documents including subpoenas, summons, lawsuits…in addition the Sheriff also presents property evictions, seizes and sell property ordered to be sold by a court).

4. Do you believe that Federal and foreign agents should be prohibited from exercising enforcement powers within Hamilton County except by and through the Sheriff and only upon presentment of a valid judicial warrant?

Chris Monzel – The Sheriff should be notified via valid certification (judicial
warrant etc.) before Federal or other foreign agents exercise their enforcement powers within the county.

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