Results of Matt’s Candidate Survey – Board of Education District 4

Mary Welsh Schlueter & John Spohn replied to the survey. Here are the results:

The first column is Schlueter and the second column is Spohn

1. Nine Principles and Twelve Values                                         Y             Y

2. Constitutions should be taught in every Ohio school.        Y             Y

3. Supports vouchers or other education offsets.                     Y             Y

4. Schools should be under local control.                                  N            Y

5. Allow parents to opt out of objectionable curricula.           Y             Y

Board of Education Survey – Additional Comments

1. Do you agree with the Nine Principles and Twelve Values of the 912 Project (see back of this page)?

John Spohn – I would also add loyalty or honor.

2. Do you believe that the constitutions of both the United States and the State of Ohio should be taught in every Ohio school?

John Spohn – Growing up in Illinois, both were taught and this has given me an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an individual or government.

4. Do you believe that Ohio public schools should only be regulated on the county or local level of government?

John Spohn – The local community should bear the real responsibility of education next to the parents.

Mary Welsh Schlueter – State gives 40% of funding to districts. It has right to oversee spending of funds

5. Many parents object to their children being exposed to comprehensive sex education, science classes in which it is taught that there are no reasonable alternatives to the general theory of evolution, and other parts of the curriculum. Do you support allowing parents to opt their children out of portions of the public school’s curriculum which they find objectionable on religious or moral grounds?

John Spohn – Yes, again my parents had that option and they took the responsibility to educate me in these areas, giving me and my siblings a more fuller understanding in many areas of belief.

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