Recap of October 19th Westside 9-12 meeting


We started the meeting yesterday with a guest speaker. Keith Corman who is a member of Jon Husted’s campaign team spoke about the position of Secretary of State. We discussed gerrymandering districts, early voting and the decision by Jennifer Brunner’s (current S.O.S.) decision to open the Board of Elections last Sunday and this upcoming Sunday. Keith stated that due to the low turn out of voters the cost per voter was $45 to do this (number of voters divided by the cost of paying the employees to come in on Sunday). Adding insult to injury, only certain counties offered this. The ones that were most likely to benefit Democrats. Jon Husted is running for Secretary of State.

Matt received several responses to his candidate survey. I have posted the results on our blog:

Gary & Jeff discussed the Green Township Trustee meetings and the fact that the trustees are passing resolutions on the same day that the resolution is first introduced. The resolutions are not posted anywhere in advance of the meeting so there is no opportunity for the citizens to consider the resolutions prior to the meeting. Citizens are allowed to introduce resolutions as well. Gary has proposed that we introduce a resolution that requires all resolutions to be discussed at two separate meetings before they are voted on. This will allow for an opportunity for discussion and any opposition by citizens to be heard. Although no petitions are required to introduce a resolution, Gary suggested we collect at least 300 signatures in order to show the trustees that citizens are backing the resolution. We agreed that this is a worthy project and will be working on it after the election.

Speaking of after the election, we hope to have a lot to celebrate at our next meeting. We discussed the need to monitor the newly elected officials at all levels of government. Mike Ruehl came up with the idea of having several members of the team adopt a politician and track what they are doing on a weekly basis. We suggested introducing ourselves to these officials and letting them know what we expect them to restore our liberties and that we will be watching them. We will need plenty of volunteers to make this work. We will be brainstorming other ways to monitor the officials so please bring your ideas to the next meeting.

Upcoming meetings:
Thursday, October 28th – 5,000 Year Leap class – Principle 2: A Virtuous and Moral People
Thursday, November 4th – Westside 9-12 meeting
Wednesday, November 10th – 5,000 Year Leap class – Principle 3: Virtuous and Moral Leaders
Monday, November 29th – 5,000 Year Leap class – Principle 4: The Role of Religion
All meetings start at 7 PM and are held at the Green Township library

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