Recap of September 15th Westside 9-12 meeting


Last week we had a member of the group, Matt, talk about survey questions he has created for candidates running for Board of Education, Auditor, County Commissioner and Judge. They are very thoughtful questions. You can review them in the attached PDF file. Matt has also provided a list of websites that have also published candidates views on various subjects and also breaks it down by specific subjects. It is all detailed on the attachment. We will publish any replies that Matt receives. Thanks Matt!

I spoke about an article I mentioned in a previous e-mail. The article is about the ruling class and their attitudes toward the American people and the Country Class which is how the author describes the rest of America. It is one of the best articles I have ever read on this subject and I highly recommend it. It is rather long but well worth your time. We only discussed the Ruling Class because we ran out of time but we will be discussing the Country Class and the authors conclusions at our next meeting.
You can find the article here:

We then had Gary & Jeff report on the Green Township trustees. They discussed how their public record requests have unearthed serious conduct issues. They have meticulously documented their evidence and Jeff will be unveiling a website in the near future. Some of the issues that they have uncovered are:

The political hiring of a politician’s wife over other more qualified applicants

Not turning over all relevant records related to this hire to a journalist from the City Beat newspaper

A trustee accosting Gary and calling him vulgar names.

They also detailed the large sums of money that Nathaniel Green Lodge is losing annually and an incident that is so odd it is hard to describe here but if you view the last meeting you will be able to see what happened. Green Township is a perfect example of why we need to pay better attention to our elected officials. If you live in the township I would ask that you attend the meetings or watch them on Time Warner cable. It’s on channel 15 for regular subscribers (no cable box) and channel 8 for those who have a box. If you have satellite TV the meetings are not available. If you live outside the township I encourage you to attend your trustee meetings and ask questions when something does not seem right.

Also, if you are not a member of the Cincinnati 9-12 group I recommend “officially” joining by going this website and clicking the “join us” button. This is not required but if you join you will be alerted of all the events that the group has to offer. This way you will be aware of what is going on outside the Westside group.

Last but not least the 5,000 Year Leap classes have been a huge success. Diane has done an excellent job hosting these courses and they are a lot of fun. I have attached a flier that has all of dates for the upcoming classes. Also, I urge you to continue with the Precinct Education Project and speak to your friends and neighbors about the upcoming election.

Upcoming meetings:
Thursday September 30th
Tuesday October 19th

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