Recap of September 2nd Westside Neighborhood 9-12 meeting

We had an open forum discussion at our meeting last week.

We talked about people’s experiences going door to door for the Precinct Education Project. The reports were that it was a very positive experience . I encourage you to get involved.

We also discussed the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally. Several people attended and described what it was like to be at this historic event.

We also discussed the need to monitor our township meetings. A recent news item concerning Green Township highlights why it is important to know what goes on in our community. You can look at the news item here: This issue is not a clear case of wrong doing but it does cast doubt on the wisdom of this decision by the Green Township trustees. We need to hold our elected officials responsible and the best place to start is at the local level.

In addition we announced the upcoming 5,000 Year Leap classes. The first class is this Wednesday September 8th at 7 PM at the Green Township library. Please attend. It will be a lot of fun.

Our next Westside 9-12 meeting  is Wednesday September 15th.

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