Recap of August 5th Westside Neighborhood 9-12 meeting

Most of the meeting last week was dedicated to the Precinct Education Project. In a nutshell the project is a way to “get out the vote” for the upcoming election. The Cincinnati 9-12 Project has designed a plan to assist in educating independent voters who are needed in  the next election.  We are planning to use the synergy of our group to motivate our neighbors to take action in November. Without sounding too dramatic this election may be our last chance to save this country. Even if you do not plan on joining our effort you need to convince your friends and family that this is do or die because it is. We also discussed the need to continue this effort beyond the election. We are planning on using the PEP process in several different ways:

– Individually talking to your friends & family.
– In small groups canvasing neighborhoods and dropping off fliers.
– In conjunction with petition signings at Western Bowl.

Our next meeting will be next Wednesday August 18th. We will have two guests who will be discussing the PEP project in detail. More information about the project can be found at the Cincinnati 9-12 Project site under the PEP link on the left.

We also discussed the Westside blog  and the posts that will be provided to help you in discussing the issues. Just go to the blog and click on the “debate” link it will bring up all of the related posts. Hopefully you will find them useful.

Rose spoke about the upcoming rally for John Kasich at the Sharonville Convention Center on Saturday 8/21. This is an opportunity to get to know Mr. Kasich as well as Mary Taylor who is running for Lt. Governor and Steve Chabot & Mike Wilson. They will all be speaking and you can decide if they are worthy of your vote. The event is free but you need a ticket to attend. For everyone who signed up for tickets at the meeting Rose will have the tickets at the next meeting on the 18th.  More info here:

Last but certainly not least Debe Terhar announced her candidacy for the Ohio State School Board. Debe (pronounced Debbie) has been a member of our group since the beginning and she has decided she needed to get involved in shaping the future of our state. She briefly provided her credentials and life experience and laid out her vision if elected to the board. This is a critical position and it is important that people with strong values hold the position. Debe’s story was impressive and inspirational. Although we do not officially endorse any candidate I would encourage you to get familiar with Debe’s platform. A profile will be posted on the blog in the near future. Debe will be speaking at the events listed below.

I am speaking at the Candidates Night in Anderson Twp. on August 26 from 7-9. It is held at Anderson High School, 7560 Forest Road, 45255.
Hamilton County Republican Women’s Club Candidates Night, September 13 from 5:30-8:00 in Blue Ash.  I will get details today and forward them to you.
Northwest Tea Party on Monday September 27, 7pm – 9pm, Clippard Instrument Lab 7390 Colerain Ave Cincinnati, OH 45239-5396.
I plan to attend as many tea party meetings, 912 groups, republican clubs in both Hamilton and Warren County that I can to get to meet people.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on the 18th. Bring a friend! The PEP initiative is critical.



The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

Progressives value truth less than their agenda. Political correctness means not telling the truth because people will be offended. Text books are more concerned with equality or making minority groups feel good than portraying the facts. If truth advances their agenda that is fine but if not they will ignore it.

Well Educated = Well Indoctrinated

The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

The left believes that religious education is indoctrination. If this is so, why isn’t a secular education indoctrination as well?

Essential liberal belief

The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

Good intentions are more important than good results.

60s liberalism was psychological not moral. It’s more important how you feel that whether you are right or wrong.

Politically Incorrect

The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

Political correctness is a politically correct term for totalitarianism. There is only one accepted viewpoint and that is the politically correct view. No other view is tolerated.

Also, political correctness is a denial of realities that are uncomfortable.


The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

The more religious, parental or teacher authority is diminished the more government authority you will need. Human beings need authority or there is chaos. If you can destroy the authority of institutions such as the family or religion you can increase the power of the state. That is the main reason traditional institutions are constantly under attack.

The state will expand as religion contracts. When religion ceases to exert influence over behavior more laws will need to be passed to regulate behavior

The urge to save humanity

“The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken