Recap of July 22nd Westside Neighborhood 9-12 meeting

Sorry for the delay on getting this e-mail out. A combination of increased activity at work along with family life plus summertime has taken up a lot of my time recently. We tried something different at our last meeting. We had an open forum to discuss topics that concerned our members. Lots of things were discussed but most of the conversation revolved around two subjects: “How to get the political parties to take our concerns seriously and return to the principles of the Constitution” and “How to get more people to realize what is at stake and more involved in their civic duties”. I have outlined some points for each below.

How to get the political parties to take our concerns seriously and return to the principles of the Constitution:

1. We quickly came to the conclusion that the Democrat party was so removed from our core values that we should not spend any time trying to influence this party.

2. Although the Democrat party does not share our values many people who vote Democrat do. This can be addressed one on one as described below.

3. Most people agreed that the Republican party shared our values in principle but some Republican politicians do not and would only adhere to these values when it is clear that the only way to stay in office is to actually do the will of the people supporting them.

4. We discussed ways to send the message to these politicians that we are serious and that this movement is not just about the next few election cycles and returning power to the Republicans. Several methods were discussed:

a. Attend Republican party meetings. Get to know who is active in the party and let them know what you expect of them.

b. Contact your elected officials and let them know your concerns about legislation and their voting history (if applicable).

c.  Attend council meetings. Politicians notice when the citizens are paying attention to them and it can change their behavior. If they feel no one is watching  it will encourage them to act in ways that are self-serving. I would like to put a post on the Westside 9-12 blog listing all  of the websites for the various local Republican Party meetings as well as the various city council meetings (Cheviot, Delhi, Green Township, etc.) but I need some help. Please contact me if you would like to assist in gathering this info. I have already posted a few items. They are all listed under the category  “debate”. Let me know if these are helpful.

5. We discussed Third Parties both pro and con. Here are some points that were made:

a. Third Party voting may be the only way to show RINOs that we will not support progressive Republican candidates.

b. The obvious danger that voting third party will split the conservative vote and result in the liberal Democrat candidate winning.

c. Robert Owens was discussed. He is the Constitution Party candidate running against RINO Mike DeWine for Attorney General. People voiced their opinions for and against voting for Mr. Owens. A sound argument was made for both sides.

How to get more people to realize what is at stake and more involved in their civic duties

1. Hardcore Leftists most likely cannot be influenced and generally speaking you should not spend much time trying to do so. Leftism/Socialism/Progressive ideology is a religion and  few converts can be had from their ranks.

2. The majority of average American Democrats are not leftists. They just do not understand what is behind the party that they support. Also people who are not engaged in the political process are unaware of what their future holds if they do not start paying attention. We have to start talking to these people.

a. Several people stated that they did not feel comfortable in discussions because they felt they did not have enough knowledge to be effective.

b. In an effort to help people I want to post different theories and strategies on our blog. This is a huge undertaking but I believe it will help. I need your help.     If you have a strategy or an argument that is effective please pass it to me so I can post it on the blog. It will have to be short and to the point. Very long posts     will not be read by the majority of viewers.

c. Attend our meetings when possible. We dedicate a portion of each meeting on education. We will also be starting a class to study the 5000 Year Leap and  the principles of our country. Classes will be twice a month at the Green Township library and we currently have four scheduled: September 8th, September 20th, October 6th and October 28th. Each class will stand by itself so you do not need to attend all classes to benefit. More info will be provided soon.

d. PEP Precinct Education Project. More information can be found at the Cincinnati 9-12 site: This project will outline a method to energize voters before the elections in November. Classes are being held by both the 9-12 group and the Tea Party.

I believe the open forum was beneficial and we plan on having more in the future. At the end of the meeting Tom mentioned an article he found on the web and he handed out several copies. You can read the article here: It is one of the best assessments of our current situation I have read and we will be discussing it at our next meeting. It is quite long but very worthwhile.

Our next meeting is this Thursday August 5th. Please attend and bring a friend!

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