Government intrusion in our lives

The following  information was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

Deep satisfaction in life comes from four areas: family, vocation, community and faith. The more government intrudes in these areas the more it removes struggle (as well as pleasure). Without struggle there is no meaning to life. The current generation is being raised to remove as much struggle from their lives as possible. This is a recipe for disaster. When you add the sense of entitlement that is developed by government dependence you will have a lot of miserable people.  Everybody should not get a trophy and you can not give someone self-esteem. They have to earn it through accomplishments.



This information was gathered from Dennis Prager’s radio show:

Equality of opportunity not equality of outcome.

The progressive vision of equality is that all should suffer equally rather than some suffer unequally. They want to change the system that works best for most to a system that is fair even if more suffer.

What one person receives without working for  another person must work for without receiving.

What is a right?

In an effort to help people better engage friends in family in discussions about the future of our country I will be posting info on this blog to help articulate certain ideas.  I will also use the category “debate” so you can easily find all related posts concerning this subject. I will credit the source when it is available.The info below was gathered from listening to Dennis Prager’s radio show.

What is a right?

According to the founding fathers a right does not impose an obligation on anyone else. My right to free speech does not obligate you to do anything. If health care is a right then it would not require someone else to pay for it.

I’m not suggesting we are not morally responsible to help those less fortunate than ourselves but I am saying that the federal government is one of the worst vehicles to administer that help and it is unconstitutional. I am sure that will become evident in the next several years as the recently passed legislation is implemented.