Sample letter sent in support of Harald

Here is a letter that one of our members sent in support of Harald Zeiger (see post below). Please take the time to send an e-mail to or send a letter to PO Box 103, Maineville, OH 45039. They need to be received by July 15th! Thank you.

July 4,2010
RE: Visa status of Harald Zieger

To Whom It May Concern:

I write in reference to the visa status of Mr. Harald Zieger. I strongly urge that his visa be extended, if not given permanent visa status. Mr. Zieger escaped from communist East Germany and made his way to the United States and ran his own business here. He is an Electrical Engineer, with great knowledge of
production, reliability and maintenance in the manufacturing environment. We need his expertise in the US!
Also, as a veteran who served in Berlin from 1971-72, I know what life was like for people who “lived” in East Germany. The United States should welcome with open arms anyone who put their lives on the line to escape the oppression of the communist world. Also, Mr. Zieger followed our rules to immigrate here and
has stated, that IF his visa is not extended, he will follow our laws and return to Europe. What a loss for America! I have heard Mr. Zieger speak and what he says should be heard by all Americans! Sometimes you just have to do the RIGHT THING. Therefore, I strongly urge that Mr. Harald Zieger’s visa be extended if not given permanent visa status.
Thank you very much!

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