Recap of July 6th Westside Neighborhood 9-12 meeting

We started out the meeting with a report on WestFest. Diane was pleased to announce that everyone who volunteered for the event was able to make it despite the heat and humidity. We want to thank everyone who helped make this happen.We also discussed the possibility of having a booth at the Harvest Home festival. Since it is a three-day event we would need volunteers to manage the booth for the day in addition to volunteers who would be at the booth for several hours at a time. Managing the booth would involve showing up at the shift changes and insuring that we have enough volunteers.  Please let us know if you are interested.

We concentrated on education at the meeting last night. We believe that the best way to fix the republic is to understand how it is supposed to work. We need to educate ourselves and then pass this information on to as many people as possible. We need to be able to articulate the principles that made this country the greatest in the world in order to win this fight. Diane reviewed the differences between a democracy and a republic. We use the words interchangeably but there is a huge difference. I added information about the differences between a simple republic and a complex republic. The 17th amendment to the constitution changed our government from a complex to a simple republic and reduced the power of the individual states. Detailed information can be found at our blog:  If you are not familiar with the differences please take the time to review and educate your friends and neighbors. Another learning opportunity can be found at the Anderson Township library on Saturday July 17th. From noon to 2 the 9-12 group will be hosting a class “The Constitutional Amendments – Your Rights as an American” and from 2 to 4 “Governments of the World”. The library is at 7450 State Road and the zip is 45230.
Here are links to these events:

If you attended any of the Tea Party rallies last year you may have heard Harald Zeiger speak. You may not recognize his name but I’m sure you will remember his story. He grew up in communist East Germany and spoke of the evils of that society. He was able to escape before the Berlin Wall fell and eventually immigrated to the U.S.  Harald is not yet a U.S. Citizen and his visa is up for renewal in September. Harald is an electrical engineer who owns his own company. His largest customer recently declared bankruptcy which has left his company fighting to survive. This makes the extension of his visa uncertain. Harald needs your help in keeping his American dream alive. We all need to write letters of recommendation to be reviewed at the time of his visa hearing. Harald spoke at the last NW Tea Party meeting and he promised everyone he would not stay in this country illegally. It would be a tragedy if someone who loves this country as much as Harald does is forced to leave.  I have posted a letter that one of our members wrote at the blog. Please review it for inspiration and send a similar letter. You can send them to Sue White @ PO Box 103, Maineville, OH 45039 or send an e-mail to This will only take ten minutes of your time but it will mean so much. Here is your chance to make a difference. Please submit them before July 15th. In addition, Harald is looking for employment. As I said, he is an electrical engineer with 20 years of management experience in production, reliability and maintenance in the manufacturing environment. Further details can be found at the blog. Please refer any job leads to Sue White at the address or e-mail listed above.

Longtime Westside 9-12 member Larry shared his experience of living in Berlin in 1971 & 72 while he was in the Army. He vividly remembers the wall and the stark differences between the East & West.  He shared photographs of the wall and recounted incidents of East Germans being fired upon as they tried to escape. This made us all appreciate what Harald risked to gain his freedom. Peggy added that she was involved in a similar visa issue with a friend from communist China and stated that the letters of recommendation helped her case immensely. Please write your letter today!

Our next meeting is on Thursday July 22nd. Future meetings are scheduled for Thursday August 5th , Wednesday August 18th, Thursday September 2nd and Wednesday September 15th.

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