Recap of June 15th Westside Neighborhood 9/12 Meeting & WestFest

I apologize for the tardiness of this e-mail. I was out of town for a week and I am just now getting caught up on things. At our last meeting we had a last minute discussion about our booth at WestFest. I was out of town for most of the weekend but I was able to volunteer at the booth on Sunday night. Based on my experience and the reports I received, I believe the event was a success. We were able to distribute lots of informational material and talk to concerned citizens. It was encouraging to see so many people who cared about the future of our country. I would like to thank everybody who volunteered on a very hot and muggy weekend. We appreciate it very much.
We also talked about the success of the recent petition gathering effort at Western Bowl. Our small group teamed up with the Northwest Tea Party and over four or five Saturdays we were able to collect over 1,000 signatures on three separate petitions. Once again I would like to thank all the volunteers. The only way we can make a difference is if everyone bands together.
My wife Lisa spoke about two books that are invaluable for family preparedness. “Just In Case – How to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens” by Kathy Harrison is an excellent resource. It has a lot of info on how to prepare for various emergencies. It is a paperback and it lists at $16.95 but you can get it on Amazon here: This book is one of the best purchases you can make. Lisa also discussed “The Survivor’s Club” by Ben Sherwood. Glenn Beck has discussed this book in detail so you may be familiar with it but it deals with different types of personalities and what type of mindset you need to survive a major crisis.
I spoke about Fabian Socialism and the one hundred plus year history of the socialist/progressive movement. I wanted to highlight some of the extreme views that progressives have and to point out that this is not just a recent phenomenon. I am sure most of you are familiar with the work Glenn Beck has done on this subject and viewed the footage of George Bernard Shaw advocating mass extermination of people he deems not useful to society. I read some shocking excerpts from Bertrand Russell’s 1952 book “Impact of Science on Society”.  The book advocates a one world totalitarian government controlled by a “scientific dictatorship”.  In an effort to keep this e-mail relatively short I will post more details about this book at our blog.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday July 6th. Future meetings are scheduled for Thursday July 22nd, Thursday August 5th and Wednesday August 18th.
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