Recap of Westside Neighborhood 9-12 meeting Tuesday June 1st

As you may know from previous meetings Mike arranged an event several weeks ago to collect signatures for several petition initiatives we are working on. Mike has his own business and wasn’t sure when we could get together to do this again. Luckily a member of our team Laurie took it upon herself to organize an event for the next Saturday and with the help of other 9-12 & Tea Party members it was a huge success. She is now in to the third week of this on this Saturday. So far she has collected roughly 600 signatures. Adding that to the 170 we were able to collect from the first event you can see that this has made a difference. On top of this we learned from a new attendee to the meetings that they were alerted of the petition via a Facebook message sent out by another team member Susan. Susan wasn’t asked to do this she just thought of it and acted. On top of that both Mike & Laurie have called in to Brian Thomas’ radio show to promote the events. I believe Brian also added the info on his website and twitter account. The reason I bring all of this up is I wanted to detail the kind of synergy that can happen when everyone chips in a little. As a group we can accomplish so much more than working on our own. Having said that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved and that is what we discussed at the meeting last night. Here are a few of the opportunities:
Petition signing at Western Bowl parking lot this Saturday June 5th from 10 AM to 2 PM. We will be collecting signatures for three different petitions. We will need volunteers to oversee the signing and other volunteers to stand by the roadside with posters alerting the traffic of the event. You do not have to stay the whole time. You can stop in for an hour or  two to help. If you plan on coming we ask that you print copies of the petition packages & bring them with you to help defray some of the costs involved. The sites for all three initiatives are listed below. You can get PDF files from the sites that contain the petition.
Healthcare Petition:
Ohio Sovereignty: From the main site go to “Amendment” then “Petition”. You can download & print it from there.
Westside 9-12 Project booth at Westfest in Cheviot Saturday & Sunday June 26th & 27th. We have a booth at Westfest. We will be collecting petition signatures, handing out info about the 9-12 project and selling books and constitutions. This message will be positive. Pro-America and pro-Constitution. We are hoping to have balloons or other give away items for small children. Any ideas you have are welcome. The more volunteers we have the less time any one person will have to be at the booth. I believe we are planning on having at least two people at the booth at all times.  Come work for a while and then enjoy Westfest. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you in touch with Diane who is coordinating the event.
Precinct Education Project. The Cincinnati 9-12 Project has started this initiative. In a nutshell they are looking for volunteers to work their precincts before the next election. Your precinct is basically the number of streets in your area that all vote in the same polling station that you do. If you volunteer, the 9-12 group will provide you with a list of registered Republicans, Democrats & Independents in your neighborhood. They will then give you a flyer that they will ask you to print at your own cost (to defray over all costs) and then distribute to the people on the list, concentrating on Independents & Republicans. You can just leave the flyers on doors or you can ring the bell and engage in conversation if you would like. Remember you will already know the person’s political persuasion based on the info that will be provided you.  If you are interested contact me and I can put you in touch with the person running this project. If you are concerned about the cost of printing we can ask for donations from other members to help. Think synergy.
Speaking of Synergy, several ladies from the Westwood Concerned Citizens group joined our meeting last night. Mike spoke about our group briefly at their last meeting. They are very organized and active in the community and we are hoping to learn some things from them about how to be more effective when engaging politicians and bureaucracies. We may also be able to provide assistance to some of their causes. We stressed the need for us all to get more active in local politics. As Gary mentioned “All politics are local”.
Speaking of local politics, we discussed the last Green Township Trustee meeting. Without going in to much detail there was a citizen that addressed the trustees with the concern that a recent hiring was politically connected. He presented compelling evidence that all of the other twelve top candidates were more qualified. The response from the trustees was rather shocking. They stated that the person was doing a good job (that was never an issue) and that there is nothing to talk about. They then sent mixed signals about whether the meetings were the proper forum for citizens to address their concerns. There will be a letter to the editor in the next Western Hills Press. Please look out for it and if you are concerned with the content contact the Trustees and let them know. There was a related article about the hiring in the Press about a month ago. If you would like more details I can get them for you. We all agreed that we need to keep a closer eye on our elected officials if we want a government that works for us. I encourage you to attend the next Trustee meeting on Monday June 14th or watch the meeting on the public access channel. We also encourage you to attend other school board and trustee meetings and let us know if there is anything that is concerning. We can give you a forum to report to the group or we can report for you. Which ever is most comfortable for you.
Also if anyone was elected Precinct Executive please let me know. The Tea Party sent me a list of all executives and they are trying to identify all of the 9-12 & Tea Party members. Jim F., Jack S.  & Laurie F. are already identified but Debe T., Todd M. & Mike R. are not. Please respond and let me know if it is okay to pass your name along as being affiliated with the 9-12 group. I do not like to pass on info without permission. If there is anyone who I missed please let me know and I will pass it to the Tea Party. Out of the 387 Republican executives on the list it looks like they have identified about 112 that are 9-12/Tea Party members. That is about 29%. I know it has to be more based on the members of our group that they have missed.
I was just made aware of an event that Organizing for America is hosting for Steve Driehaus this Saturday. We will be at Western Bowl but if anyone wants to protest this or just observe the info is listed below. I am told that this organization is really Acorn and that they have been banned from Ohio due to voter fraud but I can not vouch for the accuracy of that statement. You have to RSVP for this event so you may not be able to get in. I couldn’t find a website for it. I’m not sure if there is an organized protest against this. Sorry for the lack of details but this is late breaking news.
What: Cincinnati Vote 2010 Kick-Off event
Where: Driehaus for Congress Campaign Office, 3502 Boudinot Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45211
When: Saturday, June 5th, 1:00 PM
Finally we would like to stress the importance of family preparedness. Food storage, self defense, etc. We spoke about it at the previous meeting and we are hoping to add it to the agenda of most of our meetings. We have a lot of good resources that we can share if you are interested. The time to think about this is now not when there is an emergency. Our next meeting is on Tuesday June 15th at the Green Township library.
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