Recap of May 19th meeting

Here is a recap of our meeting last night. We had a lot of new attendees so we gave a brief overview of the Cincinnati 9-12 group. For anyone who has not already bookmarked the group website you can find it here: You can find a listing of our meetings on the “Events” link on the left hand side of the site. We are also pleased to announce¬† our very own Westside site: We will post all of our activities at this site so if you are curious about what is coming up please check this site.

As you may know we set up at the corner of Glenway & Bridgetown last Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM to collect signatures for the petitions to stop the health-care legislation in Ohio and the banning of the Estate tax. It was very successful and a positive experience. We collected roughly 170 signatures for each petition. That amounts to 40 signatures an hour. We had a team of seven people and I want to thank everyone who was able to help out. Laurie Forrester of our group is organizing another event at the Western Bowl parking lot this Saturday May 22nd from 10 AM to 2 PM. If it is raining we will not be meeting but weather permitting we will be there. We have Western Bowl’s permission to set up. If you can volunteer your time please let me know and I will get you in touch with Laurie. I have also sent an e-mail to the Northwest Tea Party organizer suggesting they do the same thing at their meeting site on Colerain Avenue. They have a much larger group and should be able to collect just as many signatures if not more. They have responded and will be pursuing this.

A member of our group reported on the activities of the Green Township trustees. Without going in to too much detail there are several things happening that are a bit concerning. Some of these concerns will be brought up at the next trustee meeting at the Green Township Administrative Complex at 6303 Harrison Avenue (next to Veterans Park). The meeting is next Monday May 24th @ 5:30 PM. I would encourage you to attend if at all possible. The meetings usually last a half hour. Mike Ruehl & I are committing to attend as many meetings as possible. It is in all of our best interest to keep a very close eye on our local elected officials to help them spend our money wisely.

The rest of the meeting was dedicated to emergency preparedness. We stressed the importance of keeping plenty of extra food and water on hand in case of emergency. It was a very good discussion and lots of suggestions were provided. We will be touching on this issue in future meetings because this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself & your family. This may seem like a daunting task but if you start with just a few extra items at your next trip to the market you will find that in a short amount of time you will have accumulated a good stock of food. We mentioned rain barrels and water purification systems as a means for an emergency water source. My wife and I have looked in to a lot different options and we can share websites with anyone interested. Just send me an e-mail and I can provide information. You can reference the federals government site as a starting point. It has a lot of good information:

The next meeting is Tuesday June 1st. I would encourage everyone to attend if at all possible and bring a friend. If you can not attend please talk to your friends and neighbors about the need to get informed and begin working to save this country.  We have a huge task in front of us and everyone needs to be involved. We sink or swim together. Anyone who has estate tax petitions that need to be handed in please contact me and I will make arrangements to pick them up. Even if you only have one or two signatures it all adds up. Thanks.


Meeting May 19th

Welcome to our new website. Our next meeting is at the Green Township library on Wednesday May 19th @ 7 PM. If you have any Estate Tax petitions to hand in please bring them to the meeting. Thanks.